September 1, 2017



By: the strongcleankitchen crew

Probably the most misunderstood items in your kitchen pantry for overall health and fitness…

We’re talking about spices.  You may only think about spices or herbs as ingredients to ignite those taste buds.  But what if we told you there is evidence that certain spices can help with fat loss and weight management.

Don’t believe us?  The following breakdown comes from and outlines the top herbs and spices you can start adding to your meals to stay slim, burn fat and maintain that toned physique you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

Here are 10 secret slimming ingredients to add to your meals:

  1. Cilantro – This refreshing, palatable herb is widely used in Asian and Indian cuisine. It’s an especially good diuretic, which helps to eliminate waste and aid digestion. That makes it a double whammy when adding fresh flavor to your meats, salads, sauces and other recipes AND flushing out water and toxins from the body.
  2. Ginseng – Often used for its energizing properties, which help fight stress and fatigue, this plant root is also an effective metabolism booster and triggers the mechanism in your body that’s responsible for breaking down fat. You can add it to a wide range of savory dishes or sauces, or you can take it in capsule form if you’re not a huge fan of the taste.
  3. Cardamom – Cardamom is lesser known for its body benefits and more for its elegant, slightly lemony taste. But in your quest for that perfect figure, it helps facilitate digestion and stimulates metabolism so you burn more calories. It’s especially great in desserts, adding delicate flavor to your cake batter or other light, sweet specialties.
  4. Cayenne pepper – In addition to adding a spicy oomph to your recipes, cayenne pepper limits caloric absorption in the body and lowers blood cholesterol levels. All the more reason to give your meats and vegetables a little more kick!
  5. Cinnamon – Cinnamon is typically found in desserts and wintry beverages, but it has a number of body benefits that make it a wise spice to reach for on a more regular basis. Take its power to limit insulin resistance and boost fat metabolism, for example. Be sure not consume too much as the benefits can be had in very minimal amounts.
  6. Ginger – Ginger not only plays a role in breaking down body fats but also has the ability to boost thermogenesis, which helps the body expend more calories and temporarily increases your basal metabolic rate. It’s super easy to incorporate in recipes, either in fresh or powder form. You can also take it as a supplement. It’s the ideal accompaniment to your meals, as a refreshing digestive aid.
  7. Nutmeg – Although it’s most often used in potato-based recipes, there are plenty of other ways to squeeze nutmeg into your cooking. And you should because it has certain properties that favor good cholesterol (HDL) and helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL). Add a dash to your soups and savory dishes to reap the benefits.
  8. Clove – According to recent studies, cloves are particularly useful for boosting metabolic response to heavy, high-fat meals. Don’t hesitate to use them in stew preparations or when cooking vegetables for added flavor. You don’t need much because it has a strong taste. Ideally, you’d use it whole and remove it when finished cooking.
  9. Thyme – Thyme has benefits that can’t be overlooked, thanks to the minerals that it diffuses when cooking with vegetables and other dishes. It’s rich in folates and helps you stay in shape by adding a ton of flavor to your meals while limiting salt and other fats. Don’t forget to remove it before serving, if using one whole in the recipe.
  10. Peppermint – This plant can quickly quench your thirst with its menthol properties and minty taste, which is especially helpful if you’re not a fan of plain water and want to add a few leaves for flavor.

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