August 31, 2017

Beverages Part 1

hydratePart 1

By: the strongcleankitchen crew

Many people underestimate the importance of adequate fluid intake when they begin following a nutrition plan.  All of the Meal Planning Systems we create at strongcleankitchen incorporate a fluid consumption component.  Adequate and appropriate fluid intake is extremely important for overall well-being and health.

We receive many questions about the proper amounts of water to drink, how to substitute sugary drinks and the effects of coffee or tea on our body.  We decided to shed some light on these ideas and give you a blueprint to follow when it comes to your fluid intake.

Without water, we would not survive.  The average adult’s body is comprised of 60-65% water.  We all know that drinking plenty of water is essential to our well-being, but did you know that water:

–          helps to rid your body of toxins

–          strengthens and improves your skin tone

–          assists with easing joint & arthritis pain

–          aids in weight loss

–          fights infection

–          can ease and prevent constipation

–          oxygenates your blood and lungs

–          hydrates brain cells

–          regulates your body temperature

–          relieves fatigue

–          helps your body absorb nutrients


Consuming enough water each day is an essential pursuit that you must participate in.  It’s the most important factor for maintaining proper body function and for improving overall health.

With each of the Meal Planning Systems we create at strongcleankitchen, consuming 6-8 glasses of water are a must.  Consuming any less can drag down your body’s ability to actively engage in the above functions; drinking too much can put strain on these same systems.

Once you begin incorporating adequate fluid levels in your body – most in the form of water – you will begin feeling your body respond in positive ways.

At first, consuming 6-8 glasses of water may seem like a chore or at least an inconvenience.  And you will certainly be running to the restroom more frequently!  But once your body adapts to these new levels of intake, you will begin to see visible changes in the way your body feels and the way you begin to look.

People underestimate the power of water as a purifier, a toxin-eliminator, and the beneficial effects on your skin.  A glowing and healthy complexion is only one of the seemingly endless benefits of consuming appropriate amounts of water.

If you start getting tired of drinking plain old water and want other substitutes, look no further than to herbal teas and carbonated water.  Both of these alternatives offer the same advantages of water with many added benefits.  We will look at both of these in the next article “Hydration Part 2”.

Get access to our meal plan here that includes daily tracking for water intake.

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