October 16, 2017

Food Prep Princess


Hi, I’m Erin – so glad you’re here!
Before we begin getting to know each other a little better, let me tell you a bit about who I am.
I consider myself an activist and advocate for good nutrition. I’m a coach and a teacher who was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.
I’m blessed with an amazing husband, daughter, family, and friends who I adore. They provide all the support I need to continue to serve others in my work.
You may have first seen glimpses of my passion for meal prepping and healthy food on Instagram where I’m better known as @foodprepprincess. It is here that I share the same no-nonsense approach to weight loss and wholesome eating that I have with my one-to-one clients for many years.
I’ve made it my mission to reach out to the thousands of people who want to learn how to be healthier, look their best, and be more prepared for life… starting in the kitchen!
I believe everyone is capable of remarkable change, yourself included.
In my experience, when it comes to healthy living, remarkable change requires 3 things:
  1. Dedication to a Goal
  2. Guidance
  3. A Little Practice
Let me explain it like this…
You know those days when everything just feels right?
You’re in your groove and everything seems to ‘click’. The times when you look great in your clothes, feel strong, have focus and mental clarity, and feel like nothing can break you down.
In my world…healthy eating, meal preparation and daily movement is the best way to experience that feeling everyday!
What I do best (and what I love to do) is uncover the barriers which prevent people from experiencing that great transformation. Once those barriers are removed and new habits are established, change is ignited. And it happens fast!
I’ve witnessed this repeatedly, each time I work with someone starting out and looking for change.
As goals are reached, fat melts away, lean muscle develops and instantly a more energetic and positive outlook appears (along with a shrinking pant size).
The confidence gained from feeling fantastic about the weight loss seeps into every aspect of daily life. Confidence increases, accountability increases, and excuses disappear.
The best part? Once you feel better about yourself, you want to do better for yourself and in turn commit to doing better for others.
People always say to me, “I’m so lucky to have found you”. But the truth is, I’m the lucky one.
When I get to play a part in the personal transformation of others, I’m reminded of the most important success principle around.
When it comes to achieving your goals… journeying together along the path is the surest way to succeed. There’s no need to ever do it alone.
Still with me? Great.

In all my years working with private, one-to-one clients, I tend to get the best results for:
  • Men and women who feel overwhelmed by all the advice on the internet and in the media.
  • People who are looking for tried and true results that take into consideration a typical lifestyle (not one of the rich & famous who have every desire at their fingertips).
  • People who want to shed fat, lose weight, and sustain a trim and fit body by eating REAL food (not those powders or pills).
  • Men and women looking to achieve physical transformations by incorporating slight changes to their lifestyle and mindset.
On the other hand, I typically don’t work well with:
  • People who are negative and looking to leave nasty comments to those who are experiencing the results they want.
  • People who aren’t willing to put in a little work to make their dreams become a reality. My strategies don’t work unless you do.
In all my years of coaching, here’s what works for those who commit themselves to partnering with me:
  1. You don’t have to spend countless hours at the gym to get results. In fact, excessive exercise could be hindering your fat-loss goals.
  2. Your fitness and lifestyle goals are easily within reach once you establish a meal-prepping routine.
  3. You have the inherent ability to achieve the same results you see from those men and women in magazines and on social media with fit and healthy bodies.
  4. Success comes to those who accept and commit to a tried and true formula. I will be sharing exactly what this looks like and why it’s worked with every single one of my personal clients over the past 10 years.
The only way for you to really experience what it means to be part of the Strong Clean Kitchen family is to get on board. It’s easy to do.
Provide me with the best email to communicate with you and you’ll start hearing from me on a regular basis. I’ve made it my goal to share the same information with you as I do with my private coaching clients.
And the easiest way for me to do that is via email.