September 2, 2017

Save Time & Money

food prep wrapWant To Save Time & Money?

By: Erin a.k.a. foodprepprincess

Are you open to an idea that will save you both time and money?  Who wouldn’t be interested in freeing up a few more hours each week to do the things they enjoy.  I know I sure would.

What about money?  Would you want to know about a little routine that can save you money each week?  I know I sure would.  In fact, I’ve been able to do both by incorporating the simple practice of food prepping.

In essence, food prepping refers to the process of preparing your meals for the entire week, in advance, all in one session.

The idea I would like to spend some time discussing today relates to saving time and money.  The advantages of both of these concepts are vastly underestimated by people who don’t food prep.

At first, most people baulk at the idea of setting aside 2-3 hours, once per week, to ‘prep’ their food for the entire week.  I understand this reaction for a few reasons, one being that nobody has 2-3 hours to spare with our hectic lives, busy schedules and frantic demands!

And yes, asking people for 2-3 hours of their time seems like a big commitment.  But I’m not suggesting you need to find this much time each day.  I’m suggesting you consider finding this much time once per week.

Essentially, we steal time from the entire week and group it together into a one-time chunk of about 2-3 hours.  My fellow food preppers find a block of time that works best for them and their families.  My routine: FOOD PREP SUNDAY.  My groceries are purchased, prepared, cooked, portion sized and packed by noon on Sunday.

By doing this, my week is planned and my meals and snacks are ready.  Once I complete this ritual, I never spend another minute – or dollar – during the week concerning myself with, “What am I going to eat today”?

Once you establish a routine that works for you, the time you normally spent fretting over lunches and dinners on a daily basis will become non-existent.  You’ve won this time back and you get to use it for whatever else you choose.

Once-per-week food prep saves you the largest amount of time over the course of a week.  Think about it – no cooking dinner each night, no preparing lunches for the next day and no wasting hours driving to restaurants or diners.

It doesn’t take long to see how quickly you free up time over a week by planning out your meals in advance.  What at first seems like a large time commitment of 2-3 hours at once will pale in comparison to the time that was required each day when you were not prepping your meals.  The cumulative time saved over the week greatly outweighs the time needed to prep all at once.

What about saving money?  Food prep requires you to create a grocery list for the items needed for the upcoming week.  Using a list forces you to purchase only the items needed for your weekly meals.  This helps with the urges of impulse buying and makes your grocery shopping much faster and less stressful.  If you’re not using the food for a meal you have planned, there’s no buying it!

Money is also saved because you eliminate waste.  Each piece of fruit has been counted ahead of time and the opportunity for it to rot in a basket on your counter is gone.  Your vegetables are either cooked or packaged for your snacks, tallied to ensure you’ve used everything you purchased.  Everything you buy for your food prep goes into a meal or snack that week – you’ll never be throwing away spoiled or rotten food again.

Saving time and saving money are almost unexpected hidden benefits of food prepping.  At first, most people engage in food prepping for health and nutritional reasons.  Food prep ensures your meals are balanced, appropriately portion sized, readily available and timed throughout the day.  Food prep does this, but it also saves you time and money and keeps you organized and in control of your food intake.

The benefits of food prepping – health, economic and time saving – will always outweigh the 2-3 hours it requires of you.  Are you ready to give it a try?  Check out my most successful Meal Planning System here!

Your wallet, calendar and waistline will thank you.



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